3D Picture
3D Cubic Card
3D Notebook
3D Key Ring
3D Lighter
3D Ruler
3D Card
3D Mini-mirror
3D Rainbow film
2D Badge
3D Cover(for notebooks)
2D Sticker(for fridges)
gifts for promotion
3D Mousepad
Cloth-cover mousepad
EVA paper pad
EVA smooth paper pad
PVA sand pad
Super-thin mousepad
Photograph mousepad
Oil-in mousepad
Wrist mousepad
Bar Mat
Fridge Magnet

  Wenzhou Tiancai 3D Laser Co,.Ltd. boasts itself with a group of top talents who specialize in the research, production and market exploration of new and high tech areas.Due to years of experience in the areas of market operation, ingenuity and fine processing, an efficient working system has been formed. With a trustable business reputation and top quality, we have established a fine product marketing network in and abroad, providing you with our best service so as to meet your requirement. It has always been our wish to be a trustable and excellent company so as to extend our business.We abide by the principle of "Customer,our God", showing respect for individuals and exerting the collective capability so as to endeavor ourselves to be a credibly excellent company in the corners of the world.

The major products of our company are 3D products and Laser products.

1.3D products

 3D picture involves the techniques of light,automatic control,digital printing,combination and edition of pictures in computer,etc.These high and new tech of cross and edge subjects are composed of 3D printing and photographing techniques with its extending 3D reflection and 3D TV demonstration techniques.

 Due to the clear,colorful and excellent visual effect, 3D products can be used largely in the products relating to printing area.

 Our products include: hanging picture,mouse pad,motor plate,firefighter card,VCD box,H-calender,materials for bags and boxes, marks for garments,notebook cover,pop cartoon,bouncing card,changeable ruler,etc.

2.Laser products

 The anti-forgery trademarks and labels produced by our company has been approved by customers since our establishment,because of our favorable price and best service,and we've received approvement from our old and new customers and parterners.The products produced in our company involve in the protection of trademarks,high-tech products,intellectual rights and also the safety of finance and the state.

 Major products are laser anti-forgery trademark,laser golden-ironing materials,OPP large-scale rainbow package film,laser card film.

 Various kinds of fine and lasting bar code cards, IC cards,magnetic cards,anti-forgery cards,common cards and hanging cards,etc. are made in our card-making department. On the basis of the combination of laser anti-forgery technique,we have produced laser card film and laser hanging card with great attraction.

 Our company provides anti-forgery package for famous and fine products with a trustable effect. We apply PVC,OPP,BOPP as our basic materials,which include laser rainbow film,laser invisible lighting film,laser gold-ironing materials,laser transferrable paper,laser plastic film,etc.These products are widely applied in the areas of printing and packaging with various of colors and texture.

 Our business towards the outside include:common board,pixels board,multicolor board,etc.with the maximum size 60*80cm.

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